Dr. Michael Fiveash and Karen Girondel have taught Latin and French in Lexington, Massachusetts since the days of mimeograph machines and chalk. Between them they have won multiple teaching awards including «Teacher of the Year» awards in Lexington. For the past three years they have been in love with their Promethean ActivBoards™ and have spent countless hours creating lesssons for their students at Lexington High School.

Michael Fiveash instilled in his students at Lexington High School a lifelong love for the ancient world through his passion for language, art, literature, story telling, music, philosophy and culture combined with his vast knowledge and singular ability to communicate the passive periphrastic as well as truth and beauty. Always looking for new ways to reach his students and yet skeptical of distracting fluff, Michael has found that the interactive white board allows the teacher to organize and present information through words and pictures in a way which would be otherwise impossible. He is almost as passionate about sharing his expertise and pedagogy with teachers and administrators as he was about teaching students. Fiveash holds a Ph.D. in Classics and Anthropology from Boston University, and a bachelor of arts in Classics from Harvard College. 

Karen Girondel's love for the French language and interest in the many cultures of francophone countries combined with her desire to bring that world into her classroom, made for a natural fit with the Promethean ActivBoard technology. Whether teaching first year students, AP French or French literature, the IWB provides a multitude of ways to explain concepts, practice complicated structures, interact with text, watch the latest news clips or music video, or learn the verb of the day. Karen finds that making "interactive flipcharts" for the classroom has helped her make discoveries about the process of language learning and teaching that have made a difference in how she presents topics and grammatical structures to her students. Girondel earned a Masters in Education at Cambridge College, a B.A. at the University of Connecticut, Premier Degré at l'Université de Rouen and studied at Elmira College.

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