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Increasing Student Engagement in the Foreign Language classroom using an Interactive White Board

Presenters : Michael Fiveash, Karen Girondel

Course Description

Technology in the 21st century can dull the mind or make the classroom come alive. Learn to incorporate best practices into foreign language teaching with an interactive white board.

Grade levels

Secondary foreign language teachers [Examples in French and Latin]


To help teachers combine good teaching and technology; specifically:

·To learn to create, and organize the daily agenda for each class that are aligned with their objectives

·To incorporate art, graphics, music, video, and primary sources into daily lessons

·To understand the fundamentals of good flipchart design

·To learn to teach grammar as vocabulary

·To use student response devices to assess effectiveness of instruction

·To increase learning through student presentations

·To acquire strategies for stimulating class discussion and focused interpersonal communication

Participants will :

·Observe examples of best practices in foreign language teaching.

·Create interactive lessons of their own using a variety of techniques.

·Make templates that can be replicated.

·Acquire new teaching strategies through collaboration with colleagues in the group

·Learn the basics of using personal response devices

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